Friends for the Needy Uganda (Village of Hope)-Sifat

Friends of the Needy in Uganda (F.N.U) in conjunction with (SIFAT) Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology is all about giving skills to all types of people across the society

This follows the plea of many after graduating and non-graduates not get employed in any sector of life, they have no skill, no experience so, organization Friends of the Needy started a mindset to give a solution where a community based civil society but providing New skills across and giving a holistic approach in skilling to note but a few.

20-5 Vocational School Building Project


For any society to develop, education is the key. We want to build a new school to relocate these children to give them a chance to access quality education and skills like other children from well off families, We urgently need to set up classroom structures, store, and three toilets that is for staff, women and men.

Your donation is welcome to this noble cause.

In terms of cash, Volunteering Time, and Equipment.

Donate and designate specifically for Friends of the Needy in Uganda Projects .

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