Who we are?

From a humble beginning in 1993 F.N.U has grown into a leading community development organization care that has served the poor needy without discrimination despite many challenges.

F..N.U has grown into one of the communities most expected care providers and has indeed supported many folks.

We are a passionate, innovative organization bringing hope, life-transforming, caring to our clients.

We express Christ’s love as we serve individuals, families in many communities who have both spiritual and physical needs.

We value mutual respect and trust in all relationships, integrity, and the highest ethical standards/stewardship of resources and responsibilities in our care. Communication that is open and transparent, consistent, and two ways continuous, improvement in all that we do.

Glory to God for his own achievement

Friends of the Needy in Uganda (F.N.U) in conjunction with (SIFAT) Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology

When we get partners we shall continue to add on what we are doing in the following and start any new skills that will help our people.

  1. Tailoring

  2. Hairdressing

  3. Knitting

  4. Woodwork

  5. Appropriate technology which includes institutional stove making, briquettes, e.t.c

  6. Urban gardening

  7. Building

  8. Kindergarten training

  9. Metal fabrication

  10. Plumbing

  11. Electronics

  12. Driving and motor mechanics

  13. Catering

  14. Fashion and design

  15. E-marketing

  16. Secretarial studies

  17. Cosmetology

  18. Hospitality management




    Who are we looking for?

    We are seeking partners from across the globe to come as volunteers, Technical and skilled trainers in the skills prescribed above, and those who can give monetary support and prayer warriors.

    All our students will be in class for short time and are to be exposed to practical hands-on training under the guidance of instructors and supervisors from different institutions.

    This involves machine handling, career guidance, work ethics, and actual interpersonal relationships and professional exposure among others. A skills development facility can change lives for both formal and informal students from far and near.

    OLD Problems require a new way of thinking especially in this COVID 19 Post Era where we have to adopt a new normal way of giving skills of our people.. That’s to say Authoring Solutions to the World’s most pressing challenges.

    Promoting lasting impact, Friends for the Needy in Uganda meets the growing demand for a solution to our greatest job seeking to become job creators. We need a more powerful systems approach to engage all stakeholders and accelerate as many skills as we can to change the lives and overcome barriers to a lasting impact.

    Kindly Partner with us:

    Friends of the Needy stood alongside communities, School dropouts, women, youth, graduates, and non-graduates. We work with them wherever because they are not recipients of Aid, but they are stakeholders who are engaged in crafting or shaping their own challenges.

    Our passion comes from seeing them coming out as useful partners to build and for lasting solutions to poverty and the challenges they face. They have to rely on the knowledge acquired, skills, and local resources available and work towards community growth within and abroad.

    There are hundreds of income opportunities to all solutions/ Needs after graduation.

    Independent expansion and creation of new enterprises all over Uganda and the region at large.

    We, therefore, call upon SIFAT, G.T.Z(German Development Organization), Compassion International, World Food Program, Tools With A mission, Work Aid, UNICEF, UN, and other international bodies to change the face of our world, especially in this Covid-19 post era period.

    When we all join hands, we shall be building a lasting solution for challenges that face humankind. Our greatest pride ever is; we create and help execute independent social enterprise and models that show how the entire world can sustain themselves economically and thrive for future generations and eradicate global poverty.

    Our impact: Changing the generation through life skills.